Renovate old or deteriorated drains and sewers from 32mm (1 ¼”) to 200mm (8”) allowing to coat main drain that connects to branches.

The epoxy coating applied provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and non-corrosive lining that is a great solution to detreating underground drain pipeline saving the need for a major structural damage and re-construction of the concrete slab. System is ideal for Multi-family and Residential units.

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Spraypoxy pipe coating systems for Multi-Family units and Residential properties - Las Vegas, Nevada and California

Internal Pipe Coating Las Vegas, Nevada and California


Coating with Epoxy System increases remarkably the lifespan of pipes. The material is highly resistant to pressure, detergents and other chemicals and grease. The new system also offers long-lasting corrosion and wear protection.
The epoxy used in Spray System is smooth, the slick surface also ensures minimal waste adhesion and improved flow capacity.
Our heavy-duty sewer and drain epoxy coating equipment is great for Commercial use with a range of (1 ¼" – 12" pipe size), capacity up to (131ft).” in Las Vegas, Nevada and California.


1. Pipes must be cleaned before coat application using Specially designed cleaning Brushes.

2. Flushing out the pipe with water while we clean so there is no dust or hazardous waste into the working site.

3. Drying the pipes using hot Sewer blower equipment before application


1. To begin the coating process, the correct Coating Brush or Nozzle must be selected and added to the head of the flexible shaft.

2. The mixer nozzle with a hose is then attached to the shaft just behind the brush assembly. A CCTV camera head is also attached to the assembly just behind the delivery hose to allow the technician to see the coating operation in progress.

3. The coating operation is started at the end of the pipe farthest from the access point. Resin is then pumped into the pipe and applied on to the wall.

4. This is repeated over the length of the pipe which being coated, until the brush assembly reaches the access point. Subsequent layers can be coated approximately in half an hour intervals.